Socratic Application provides solution to every student’s problem!

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Need help in your homework? Are the questions you are trying to solve are difficult? If you are a student and facing these problems or your kid is a average student. If you find difficulty in solving math problems or you are not good with the science subjects. Now you don’t have to worry Google has introduced a new Application named as Socratic to solve every average student’s problems. This application provides solutions within seconds and you just have to take a picture of your question and leave the rest to this Socratic application. In this article we will explain everything about how this Socratic mobile Application works and everything you need to know about it.

Mobile Application which solves your Homework.

Living in the modern era, fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Block chain, Internet of Things, Machine Learning etc. are making a breakthrough in many areas where advancements can be leveraged to humanity. This includes Technology enhancements in areas such as medical, military, the modern office and even large business enterprises.

This seems all exciting but what about the education side? More importantly how can students ranging from school to university level can benefit from these technological advancements? In this article we will cover everything about this magnificent Socratic Application and how it actually works?

The main dilemma:

The biggest problem that students face today and what Socratic Application is going to solve is hard end and mind boggling problems and projects. Which requires loads of research and surfing on the web.

However, what frustrates one is either not getting the required result based on what you typed on search or dealing with a truckload of spams, ads and links that redirects the user to who knows where. Moreover, chances are always that either some malware might be downloaded into your device. Or something that you might have to buy or pay for in order to get a small fraction of what a user is looking for.

Introducing Socratic: 

What is SocraticApp?

In 2013, two aspiring tech enthusiasts, Chris Pedregal and Shreyans Bhansali, started a tech education company called Socratic (derived from the name of the Greek philosopher Socrates). Socratic is a mobile application that identifies any problem or any thing that requires some back end research.

All the user has to do is direct his/her phone camera on to the problem either hand-written or typed on a keyboard. And the application will provide the required results without going through any trouble of searching things. The company was later on became a part of Google in March 2018. The app focuses on various fields and subjects related to academics.

How Socratic Application works?

Socratic Application uses Artificial Intelligence to identify and accurately predict which concepts and methodologies can aid them in their work. Either the student can type in a problem from his keyboard or snap a photo of his/her problem.

How Socratic application works?

The application then uses Optical Character Recognition technology to read their photo and classify it. Based on the search and classification, the student receives learning resources in the form of cards. This includes definitions, YouTube videos tutorials, content and even illustrations created by the Socratic team. The application now also adds mathematical features such as step by step equation simplifications and plots.
What’s more is that students can now create teams or groups to share resources searched from your inputs.

Socratic App is a Perfect guide for Students!

If you are wondering that this Socratic app just provides the solution for the asked question. And that will probably promote shortcuts for students to just go ask for solution and that’s it. No, it will not only provide solutions but also the most relevant content and information about the question and topic. To understand completely about the question or topic from basics till its solution. Socratic App provides the best and relevant material and guidance available on google, YouTube etc.

In short this Socratic application will help those students who want to solve and understand the topic as well in order to properly understand and clear his/her concepts and thoughts about it. Moreover, it will work as a teacher or guide to those students who has somehow missed the topic or question in their class or academy.

Especially for the students who somehow were not able to pay attention to that topic in class. So when solving they can easily ask or seek help from Socratic to understand the topic without even wasting time to search for the topic on google or YouTube. And the app will provide the relevant content within few seconds.

In a nutshell

With everything Socratic is providing, say goodbye to useless searches, typing in long detailed questions on search, facing unsuspected malware attack, facing any logical problem and not finding its solution or the need of you-tubing the right video! Isn’t it just a magic? Just ask Socratic and this majestic application will solve everything or any problem for you within seconds.

How to install this Application?

Socratic is a free application available for both Android and Apple users as on both Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store as well. Best thing about this app is its size as it only contains few MBs of your total space. About Estimated 11 million people are using Socratic application from all over the world. For more details on their updates and features visit website.

How to download Socratic mobile App?

To learn more, follow this short video. Click on the link given below.

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