Why Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is not a good choice to buy?

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The most hyped mobile phone series by Samsung for this year is Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20+ and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Samsung makes its move by looking into the market and finding the loopholes in it.

At this time of year, when no other phone is in the launching process, Samsung makes a move and launched two High Prices phones.

Samsung Note 20 Series

Meanwhile, millions of Samsung users are confused and to some extent not happy with the Note 20 launch as it has many problems and lacks in many features when compared with Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, S20 and other recent mobile phones.

Here is everything you need to know about Galaxy Note 20, its features, problems and its comparison with Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Price Range:

The Galaxy Note 20 is launched in two variants i.e. 4G and 5G.  The Galaxy Note 4G variant is comparatively cheaper than the other one and is also available in the United Kingdom and Australia. The price tag of this variant is around Euro 849. While the Galaxy Note 5G variant is only available in the United States with a price of around $999.

Galaxy Note20 Price
Galaxy Note 20, Note 20+ and Note 20 Ultra

People are comparing different technologies and mobile phones with Galaxy Note 20 and they have doubts in their minds.

The Galaxy Note 20 is affordable as compared to Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. However, people are more interested in Galaxy Note 20 Ultra because of its advanced features.

Many are already disappointed with the price range of Galaxy Note 20 because of the lack of features and problems that we are going to discuss in this article.

Galaxy Note 20 Design & Display

Most of the people are quite familiar with the Galaxy Note series because of its size and smooth looks. Most of the people ranked it as a business man’s phone because of its elegant design.

The gigantic device coming with a 6.7-inch large display but its display is 2 inches smaller than the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

It looks like the Samsung’s Galaxy Note series have changed their approach this year by launching this phone with a flat-screen and without curvy sides.

Screen Display & Resolution of Note 20

The device has sharp metal edges and is considered to be a premium handset. The device doesn’t have curvy edges but it’s suitable for many users.

The back of the phones is silky smooth but it’s not Glass.  The word “Glasstic” is used which means it isn’t Glass, it’s actually Polycarbonate indicated by the reviewers.

Galaxy Note 20 is launched in three different color tones which include the Mystic Grey, Mystic Green and the Mystic Bronze. However, few more colors are being launched into the market.

Galaxy Note 20 enhances the workability of the stylus and is a shifter in the bottom left corner. New gestures and features are added to this stylus providing a premium experience for the users and with advanced operability.

Display & Resolution:

The display of Galaxy Note 20 is a Super AMOLED HD capacitive touchscreen with a 16 M multitouch option. Its resolution is 1080 x 2400 Pixels (393 PPI).

The display of this phone is HD but it’s not as good as provides in Galaxy Note 20 Ultra or in Galaxy S20 series. Tbh this model is average if we talk about such high priced phones without having Ultra Hd display is kind of a disappointment for its users.

However, it’s suitable for watching videos. The increasing expectations and demands of the users in the new tech world have not been considered by the Samsung Mobiles.

Camera Features:

According to the reviewers, the camera of this model is fully tested but it seems like one of the best feature of the phone. The camera is quite impressive like the camera features provided in Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 camera features

On the rear, a triple camera is provided with 12MP f/1.8 main, 64MP telephoto, and 12MP ultra-wide cameras. According to some sources, its camera is no way near or even comparable with Galaxy Note 20 Ultras‘. some shots were taken in the testing which shows smooth, clear, and solid color saturation in the pictures.

The front camera is 10MP, which is at the top-center of the phone. People who aren’t fans of the notch will be quite happy with this camera display. Furthermore, the camera lens is concealed in a small hole in the display screen.

Battery and Fast Charging support:

Battery support and Fast Charging in Galaxy Note Series

Samsung is providing a 4300 mAh battery; non-removable in Galaxy Note 20. The phone has a capacity of Fast charging with 25W but its 45W in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra series.  Feature of Fast Qi/PMA wireless charging and reverse wireless charging of 9W is also provided.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 comes with an advance and top feature chipset which is named Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. The phone comes with both options of 128GB and 256GB. The RAM provided on the phone is 8GB which makes it very fast.

The Galaxy Note 20 is also available with the chipset of Exynos 990 which has the same workability as of Snapdragon. Furthermore, smart sensors like Accelerometer, Barometer, Compass, Fingerprint (under display, ultrasonic), and Gyro are also provided.

Screen Refresh Rate:

The major setback for the users is that Samsung has given a 60 Hz of screen refresh rate while in other top phones in the market including Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy S20 has been upgraded to 120 Hz.

It means the phones with a 120 Hz refresh rate will provide a smooth screen experience for the users without any lags and losses while scrolling through social media or having a gaming experience. It looks like a major blunder from the Samsung Mobiles in such high priced phones.

Software (Operating System):

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is using the Android 10 operating system with Samsung’s own UI of 2.5. Furthermore, it is expected to get upgraded on Android 11 when Google launches it.

However, Samsung is quite slow in providing the latest updated software. So for those who are interested and want to go for faster user experience, should go towards/buy Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G variant or Ultra.

Bad User experience in GalaxyNote 20

Problems that can change a User’s Mind:

  • Galaxy Note 20 is more than 1000$ phone but it comes with a lot of compromises on the features.
  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is more advance and is shadowing the Galaxy Note 20.
  • Resale value is quite low, as people are more interested in Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.
  • 6.7 Inch display with 1080 Super AMOLED display (Not coming with QHD display).
  • Lower screen refresh rate(60Hz) as compared to other high priced and good phones e.g. S20 and Note 20 Ultra which has already 120 Hz of screen refresh rate.
  • Ram should be 12GB is such a price tag rather than 8GB.
  • Low Build Quality.
  • Corning Gorilla Glass is not used.
  • Scratches can appear very soon, as the body is made up of plastic (Polycarbonate).
  • The stylus given in Note 20 is comparatively a little slower than the one given in Note 20 Ultra.
  • Doesn’t have curvy edges like Note 10. That’s because many people prefer curvy edges and suggest that it is more comfortable to handle or carry.
  • Even Note 10’s screen refresh rate is higher than Note 20.
  • Overall, People say that it’s not better than Note 10.

Note 20 series Release Date:

If you are still excited about this phone and planning to buy, then here are some little details about its launch. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is the latest upcoming from the Samsung Mobiles. It will be in-market by 21st August while its pre-orders are currently in-process from 6th August. Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra will be launched together. Furthermore, the price of these phones is around $1000 to $1300.

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  1. I used to have a Galaxy Note 3. Time is flying i think… 😃😃
    I like those people who mention pros and cons of the things side by side and the article is just going with my mood..
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