Lionel Messi Transfer News- Is he really going to leave Barca?

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Talking about Lionel Messi Transfer, It is one of the most hot & trending topics these days in the world of sports. Is he really going to leave Barcelona? Where will he go or is he going to stay?

Six time Ballon d'Or Winner is about to start a new journey?

Six-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi started his career with the La Masia academy and then eventually found his way through to the FC Barcelona first team. Lionel Messi has won every single trophy with Barcelona and a total of 34 Trophies.

Messi has won every single trophy with Barcelona

He has spent nearly 20 years at Barcelona and has scored 630 Goals for them. Lionel Messi has achieved a total of 98 individual awards, trophies and records broken.

Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona are like a match made in heaven or we should say they were? All the Football Fans and the Football World is shocked by the Transfer Request handed in by the 33-year-old Argentine.

Frustrating 2019-20 Season and Champions League Defeat:

As we have seen already the downfall of Barcelona right after when Xavi and Iniesta left the club. While their 2019-20 league campaign resulted pretty bad. They faced one of the worst defeat in the Champions League Semi-Final this year which was more of the ‘icing on the cake’

After the shocking 8-2 defeat against Bayern Munich, the whole Barca team was under severe pressure from the Fans the board, and the opposition fans.

Shocking 8-2 defeat against Bayern Munich. Messi is frustrated with Barcelona?

Moreover, the worst nightmare for the Barca fans was yet to come. After the shocking defeat rumors started to come out that Lio Messi is very much disappointed by the players and the team performance and wants to leave.

At first, the fans thought that these are the rumors that they hear at the end of every season but then the intensity increased. As some major sources reported it too at the start. But later it was officially confirmed that Lionel Messi wants to leave Barcelona and is ready to transfer to another team.

Leo Messi next destination?

Reports are that Messi wants to reunite with his former coach Pep Guardiola at Manchester City and wants to Join the Premier League.

Lionel Messi transfer to Manchester City- Pep Guardiola is keen.

Pep Guardiola also wants to transfer Leo Messi at Manchester City and they will be going all-in for him. Reports suggest that Manchester City is planning a bid of worth €100m plus and have added three players in the deal too. Bernardo Silva, Gabriel Jesus and Eric Garcia to compensate the Fair Play Rules.

Manchester City is prepared to pay Messi £450m as part of a five-year plan. By this deal, he will able to join City’s sister club New York City FC in Major League Soccer for the final two years.

Nothing on his transfer is official yet though but there have been rumors that some other top clubs are also in the Race to sign Lio Messi. Some reports say that he has been linked with other clubs like PSG, Manchester United, Chelsea and Inter Milan.

Jurgen Klopp on his transfer to liverpool:

When asked from Jürgen Klopp about the the possibility of Leo Playing for the Reds and whether he is interested in signing him he said:

“Interested? Yeah, who doesn’t want Messi in their team? But no chance. The numbers are absolutely not for us”

Jurgen Klopp

So Klopp has ruled out all the possibilities of Leo playing for Liverpool.

Jurgen Klopp and Rooney on Lionel Messi transfer to Premier League.

There was another amazing statement made by the Manchester United Legend Wayne Rooney about the Messi transfer saga. By comparing the Thiago to Liverpool and Messi to City signings he said:

“If Liverpool get Thiago from Bayern Munich I think It is done. That is a better transfer than Lionel Messi To Man City”.

Wayne Rooney

What’s stopping him then?

Lionel Messi has already made his mind that he wants to leave the Spanish Club. However, one thing that is stopping him to leave is his 700m worth release clause which absolutely too much for any club to pay.

According to Sky Sports– Barcelona has told Mundo Deportivo there is ‘no clause’ which alters the value of Messi’s €700m release clause. However, the confusion related to his mighty release clause is still going on.

Barcelona Board vs Lionel Messi. Transfer News & Updates

Messi has requested Meetings with the Barca Board to talk the issues out and terminate or lower the release clause. But Barca Board is now at war against Leo and wants him to stay whether he wants it or not.

Due to all this, Barca fans are criticizing the board and asking/begging Messi to stay. Thousands of them joined different rallies and started strikes for Messi to stay. As they also know and think that without him the future of Barcelona is not going to end well.

Barca fans strike and rally for Lio Messi to stay against Board of directors.

Lio Messi wants to end his long Barca career at good terms. Lionel Messi also wants to arrange a proper meeting with the fans so he can make them understand why he has made this decision. But obviously Barcelona Board is all against Lionel Messi Transfer and wants to keep him at all costs.

Messi is not attending training sessions!

Messi boycotted Barcelona’s first pre-season training session. After skipping coronavirus tests on Sunday. Messi was also absent again from the club’s Ciutat Esportiva training ground and from Ronald Koeman’s first session since being appointed as a new Barca coach. All of this indicates that his heart is already somewhere else.

Our Point of View on this issue:

There has been criticism on Leo since he started playing at such a top-level but he was always been criticized for not playing for another club. The critics said that he always had that pampered environment with all those Legendary players alongside him but now they are all gone.

Also, every time whenever he is compared with Cristiano Ronaldo the only thing where he lacks is proving himself in other leagues like PL or SerieA etc. While Ronaldo has already played in 4 different leagues and proved himself in all of them.

But now when he is ready for another challenge and he wants to join another team in another league. The critics are now criticizing him on his loyalty to the club.

Messi Signing a new Barcelona contract in 2020?

In the end, it’s totally his and his family’s decision whether to leave or not. If he wants to Leave then no one can stop him. The Barca Board should also back off and let him leave.

They can’t force a player like Messi who has done this much for the Club. Still, nothing is certain but chances are that Leo will leave and most probably Join Pep Guardiola at Manchester City.

What’s your viewpoint on this controversial transfer? Will Messi Leave? Will the Barca-Messi Love Story finally end? Or is he going to stay and sign a new contract at Barcelona? Drop a comment below!

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