Bulking mistakes! 5 most common fast bulking mistakes.

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bulking mistakes

When people start their fitness career they do a lot of common bulking mistakes. They get too eager to get results very fast like during bulking or getting mass on their muscles which is very natural as everybody learn from mistakes and from personal experience. But there are other people who gets involve in your fitness journey and starting to advice you about different things that you should do or should not do.

And unfortunately some will give you the wrong advice intentionally or unintentionally and you will start acting on advice without even researching about it. And then you will face a lot of difficulties in the future. So there are many things that can be a part of this blog but we will cover five very common bulking mistakes that people do. This applies for the athletes who aim to build through natural procedures.

1. Gaining weight very fast:

Dirty bulking

The worst thing that people do in successful bulk is that they start putting weight too quickly. So we should know that our body has certain capabilities and limits for putting on muscle mass with respect to time and training. So yes we do not have an infinite ability to gain muscle mass within days.

Best possible bulking tempo:

Gaining around 5 pounds in one week or even more is a complete disaster for your health. It will obviously effect your stomach and will also lead to other health problems. You may not feel it during the process but at some stage in near future you will obviously regret it. So a great rate of putting weight is around 1-2 pounds or 1 kg per week depending upon your training level.

2. Being too flexible with your diet:

Obviously what you put in your body does matter. There are people who will suggest you that it does not matter just take more calories as you can and you will burn the bad ones by doing cardio.

Excessive Junk food
Junk Food

So it is not like that the quality of those calories is very important and matters the most. Fuel your body like a Ferrari not like some 30 year old tractor. Stay away from junk food, cold drinks, deep fried food etc. Instead eat healthy food like fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, rice, porridge etc.

3. Going too hard in training:

Yes for bulking process you need to lift heavy but going too hard is a big mistake. Nobody can make a giant amount of progress within weeks so you should not train like that. Over training is one of the worst thing you could do and it is completely anti progress.

Training too hard could be dangerous
Take precautions before lifting heavy

So instead discover your body limits and work as per requirement and your diet. So give as much stress to your body as much it can handle. Sometime over training will lead to joint pain and muscle damage which increase the risk of injuries. And you will end up wasting your time in recovering. So take your goals like stairs don’t skip a single step or else there will be a chance that you will end up sliding back to the first one again.

4. Not tracking your progress:

Fitness Tracking
Track your progress

You can’t understand or know about your progress if you are not tracking it. This is also really fun way to keep yourself motivated during your fitness journey and there nothing more motivating than taking a look back at your yearly or monthly progress to see how far you have come.

Many people avoid to take pictures in start but after some time they get confuse by just looking in the mirror to judge whether they have gained or not. A great way to track your progress is to take pictures weekly, make a notebook and track/measuring your weight weekly or regularly. People also measure size of their muscles and keep the track weekly/monthly. There are several mobile applications available now-a-days to keep track of your health and fitness.

5. Being Impatient:

Note it down results don’t come overnight. Be patient about your goals always start your fitness and nutrition with a patient mind. If you are working hard with concentration the results will come eventually. You just have to be consistent and keep your persistence and emotions high.


And if you are going through rough period stay patient and stay intact trust me you will come out of it with more power and experience. Otherwise you won’t be able to survive very long or will adapt wrong methods which are bad for you. So stay humble and be patient may the force be with you.

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