Cristiano Ronaldo earnings & following on Instagram are Insane

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Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram

Football Goat Cristiano Ronaldo is now also considered as a Goat on Social Media. Just like his performances on the field he never misses to post pictures regularly on his social media accounts as well. As an instagram influencer and brand ambassador of several big brands like Nike, Sixpad, Clearmen etc.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed human being on the Instagram with over 220 million followers. According to recent reports from Hopper HQ study, Ronaldo earns more from his Instagram account than from his football club Juventus salary.

Earnings of Portuguese Star:

Bugatti's price for Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo earns around $48 million from his instagram sponsored posts annually from just 49 posts. He gets around $9.75 million to post a single post on instagram. And his instagram stats are completely crazy like his football career. Which means his two instagram posts earnings are equal to the price of BUGATTI’S LA VOITURE NOIRE which is considered as the most expensive car in the world.

Ronaldo earning from Juventus Contract

Cristiano Ronaldo earns around $34 Million annually from Juventus as per current contract he signed in 2018.

Interesting fact is that his arch-rival Lionel Messi’s earnings from his social media account is even less than the half of earnings of Cristiano Ronaldo instagrams account.

Celebrities like Salena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Kylie genner etc

When it comes to instagram Ronaldo is far ahead of other famous instagram celebrities as well. Like Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomes, Dwayne Johnson, Kardashians sisters, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and others.

700 goals chart for Ronaldo

Every time he scores or plays for his club or national team he becomes the center of attention all around the world. Especially on social media like facebook, instagram, twitter etc.

Recently on October 14th, Cristiano Ronaldo just scored his 700th goal of his career while playing for his National Team Portugal in Euro qualifiers. Although his side lost the game 2-1 to Ukraine but it was one of the special day for Ronaldo. Making him 5th player to reach to this mark including Pele, Muller and Puskas.

Reasons for his social media popularity all around the world:

Ronaldo love for cars

Main reason behind his success is his inspiring personality and his attitude. His lifestyle is not like other athletes.

He owns several businesses including Hotels, Sports Wear and Boutiques etc. He is fond of cars, food, sports, mansions, planes, beaches and a lot of other stuff. Here are some reasons for his social media popularity.

Astonishing Football Career:

Portugal won Euro Cup

Not to mention his reputation as a football player as he is considered as Greatest of all time already. In short, He proved himself in the world of football since his teenage.

He is five times Ballon d’or winner and won 29 major trophies in his career including 5 UEFA Champions League. He is all time Champion League goal scorer. And his achievements with his national team Portugal are great. He has scored 700 goals in his career.

The Charity Work:

Another big reason for his popularity is his charity work and humble personality as he never ignore his fans and always support them and welcome them if they call him for autographs, pictures, shirts and donations etc.

For his fans it does not matter how much Ronaldo earns, they just love the way how he spends on poor and needy people.

Cristiano Ronaldo was named as the most charitable sportsperson in 2015. If you talk about disasters like earthquakes in India, Indonesia, Nepal, Amazon Rain Forest Fire or Syria crisis he has contributed millions for aid every time. He keeps his body tattoo less just because he donates blood. He takes part in charities as many as he can with all his work as an athlete.

His adorable family:

Cristiano Ronaldo with his family

In recent years as after Cristiano became father of 4 kids. Due to his love for his family especially his children. His fans wait for his beautiful and cute family pictures. He post pictures and videos with his children playing different type of games and sports etc. His followers just love him and adore his family and kids.

Fittest Athlete in the world at the age of 34:

Cristiano Ronaldo body fitness
Cristiano Exercising in Home

His fitness is something else and considered as one of the fittest athlete in the world even at age of 34. His fitness videos are very popular among social media. And one of the main reason for his success is his fitness both mentally and physically. He takes crazy diet and 6 meals a day to keep his fitness level. Did you know Cristiano Ronaldo body contain only 7% of fat? Shocking right? Just like his earnings and career stats.

There are many other reasons as well to love this guy and idealize him as an athlete, father, son, motivator whatever you call it. 

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